Costco 2020

A recommendation for Loma Linda Chipotle Bowl, on sale in January, and an easy addition to a plant-based diet. It’s one of the few “spicy” pre-made dishes that Mark doesn’t have to add hot sauce to.

And a down-tick to Costco (the two near me anyway) for discontinuing Outshine frozen fruit bars, as well as the vegan Al Pastor Salad. (Yeah, I know it’s a seasonal thing, but do they figure that vegans hibernate and don’t eat during the winter?)

Maybe not as much call for cold salads in the winter, vegan or not?

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Maybe not, but they serve the Chicken Caesar Salad year-round.

Haven’t seen a 2020 thread (apologies if I missed it)…

Anyway, Snake River Farms corned beef is back at SF Costco (along with the regular Shenson’s). $7.79/lb., so not cheap, but IMO well worth it (and significantly discounted from what you’d pay ordering directly from SNF).

If you like corned beef brisket, make sure it is that. They sell a lot of corned bottom, and top rounds at Costco this time of year. I love the Snake River Farms products, but haven’t had their corned beef, nor do I know what cuts they use. Brisket is always my preference. (Used to live close to the Snake River for a few years, growing up, and would go to the Snake River Stampede too) To resurrect ancient history…

I don’t know the ins and outs of the various cuts, but I have had the SRF corned beef (last year and the year before) and it’s delicious.

Well, very happy you liked it, whatever it was you had. They do have excellent product, with especially flavorful beef, IMO.

Does anyone know if Costco still has “take and bake” pizzas? I googled to see what types they had and saw several posts complaining they had discontinued them. Is that true (particularly interested in N J)?

Costco inventory varies widely by store. Call yours and ask.

On the plus side: Costco again carries Outshine frozen fruit bars.
On the minus side: They have discontinued the Kimchi Ramen, Classico Marinara sauce, anchovies, the combo pizza, and probably other stuff we really liked.

On my minus side: I am going to have to switch to a liquid detergent next time. Costco is the only place that seems to have powder (not liquid and not pods), but it’s too heavy for me to lift anymore. :older_woman: :sob: The same for bottled water for an emergency–the Kirkland case is just too heavy.