Costanera- Montclair

(Eli Paryzer) #1

We had another excellent dinner at Costanera, a Peruvian restaurant in Montclair. We shared 6 appetizers, and had plenty leftover for another dinner.
Very tender grilled octopus salad with chimichurri aioli, roasted potatoes, chorizo, and arugula. It had a very nice char to it, and was cut nice and thin.

crab cake with shrimp, corn, string beans, & arugula, in a lobster cream sauce

Papa rellena-crispy deep fried mashed potato ball stuffed with ground beef & cheese, in a creamy tomato sauce

Chicharron de pescado-quinoa crusted cod fritters with salsa golf, salsa criolla, and spicy aji salsa verde

Anticuchos- marinated beef hearts kebabs with choclo (large sweet corn kernels) and potatoes. This was the first time I had beef hearts. It had a nice beefy flavor, with a little chew to it (but not fatty).

Spaghetti with Peruvian pesto sauce, which contains spinach, as well as basil and queso fresco cheese to give it some creaminess

We took home some delicious lucuma ice cream and topped it off with some fresh mint from our plant. Lucuma is a Peruvian fruit that tastes like butterscotch (at least in the ice cream).

Instead of bread they started us off with a very tasty crispy dry roasted and salty corn kernels and plantains with spicy aji salsa verde.


Happy to hear that Costanera is still good; I always enjoyed my meals there. My first exposure to lucuma was at the Peruvian place in Red Bank (now gone, and the name escapes me–across from the Basie)… .I’m not a real sweet freak, but I had a lucuma mousse there that was delicious!

(Eli Paryzer) #3

Yes, Costanera is still going strong. We haven’t been there in a while. Everything is bursting with flavor. Owner Juan Placencia is getting ready to open up a new restaurant (within the next month or so) in North Arlington called Somos. It will be in the old Euro Lounge location. This will be more of a ‘fusion’ place. “He plans to “mash-up” the foods and flavors of Brazil, Mexico, the Caribbean islands and so on, with those of Italy, Asia and other parts of the world that have influenced Latin American cuisine. So, for example, instead of the traditional Peruvian stir-fry dish lomo saltado that combines strips of sirloin with onions, tomatoes and french fries, Somos will offer carpaccio with potato crisps (instead of the typical fries) and a Latin-spiced soy sauce reduction. The restaurant will have beer, wine and cocktails.”