COSTA RICA - looking for insights

Hello HO! Just booked a winter trip to Costa Rica where we’ll be visiting for the first time. Woohoo! If you’ve been, and bonus points if you’ve been in the last few years, I’d love your insights on the following items.

  1. Good eats in Monteverde/Cloud Forest area. I understand that there is a town, and many many smaller hotels, so it’s likely easy to leave your own hotel for a meal.
  2. Food/drinks at the W on Playa Conchal? That’s where we’re staying. Picks and pans?
  3. Are peanuts/tree nuts a big part of their cooking? If so, I’ll have to make sure I can clearly express my kiddo’s nut allergy.
  4. Beyond food, any favorite excursions from these 2 regions? Can go from tame to moderately adventurous. Not interested in bungee jumping or class 5 rapids.

Thanks! My post appears to make only the 20th time that “Costa Rica” even shows up on all of HO, and all of those were passing mentions. So you are building the reference library!