Costa Marina- Paterson

Usually we pickup some Pollo a la Brasa from Lena y Carbon to bring home as it travels well. Today we took advantage of some extra time and sat down to eat at Costa Marina on Market St in Paterson. If you are looking for some tasty Peruvian food and are in the area, this would be a good place to eat.

An ordering snafu brought me a Costa Borgoña with passion fruit and a small bottle of Tabernero Peruvian wine inverted on top. Kind of like a Peruvian Sangria. Did manage to scarf half of the Pisco Sour as it was more to my liking. Both very tasty.

The food was top notch with a delicious Leche de Tigre, Chicharron, Tacu Tacu with Seafood, and Shrimp Chaufa.

Tacu Tacu is beans and rice mixed and griddled to get a bit crispy, then topped with steak, chicken, or in this case seafood with an Aji Amarillo cream.

Chicharron was really good with not a hint of grease. Usually comes with sweet potato but they were out and this came with yucca.



Holy chicharrony those look great. So much so that I will be looking to procure some chicharrones today. Does anyone know of a place in Long Branch that does them up right?

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They were cooked perfectly. Some criolla and a splash of rocoto…very tasty. Have not had any around here except for cooking. Need to make them with better cuts as we usually use rib or neck pieces from Shoprite. These were meaty despite having some fat.

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I’ve only ever had Turkish food in Paterson but that looks delicious. I may have to try it next time I’m there though it will be hard as there is some Peruvian in my area and really no Turkish.

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I had gotten my haircut by a Turkish woman at the Monmouth Mall couple years ago. I asked her for a recommendation and she said Lezzet in Paterson. I went and was greeted by a nice woman who told me what they had to offer. I asked for a few things and ate them but felt I had caught them at a bad time.
I like the empanadas with hot sauce from Ozzy’s Bakery.

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Two portions of Chicharron is what happens when GF says she wants to share…


Putting this here because is close in Passaic. El Mamut is popular for Peruvian Pan con Chicharron. GF was craving the Salchipapas which come with 6 different sauces.
Costa Marina Chicharron still my preferred.