Cosmos Agora in Scarborough - Sad News

It seems that Cosmos Agora is under new ownership. I have no faith that the new people will know what they’re doing. Already today the butcher counter had no meats in it. None. My spouse and I are very saddened by this. We would go there weekly and often many times in a week.

If anyone knows the whereabouts of the head butcher, Kostas, or the previous owners Bill Stamatopoulos and John Manikis, please do share . Kostas had just picked up the secret ingredient for his wine sausage when POOF. I guess this was unexpected. That is the only wine sausage this girl will eat! Must find Kostas.

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Sorry to hear this.

Oh dang :confused: I was there a few weeks ago and noticed that the fridges were completely empty of meats ,I thought it was a refrigeration glitch. This is sad news indeed. Is the hot kitchen still open?

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It seems they just needed a little kick in the pants to update their Facebook page. I am relieved to hear they’re relocating, not gone for good. Crossing my fingers they go east. Pickering could really use a good butcher.

PedroPero, according to their post they’re letting inventory dwindle. That is the safest and most practical choice. I wouldn’t special trip, but I would drop in if nearby.