Cosmic Crisp Apple avail Dec 1

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Never have I seen such hype for an apple. Just ate one. It’s fine. A little too sweet for me and for lack of a better word sort of fermented after taste. Maybe I got a bad one. They are grown near where I live so they should be good. I’ll stick with honey crisp which I am now eating. It is crisper, has a nicer color and does not have the too sweet after taste. I paid $1.99 lb. I understand one store in Portland is charging $4.99.


We found these at a local orchard in mid-October this year - they are a nice texture for fresh eating but a bit sweet for my taste, although I found them to be better balanced than Honey Crisp (which I find WAY too sweet). They had a bit of zing, but that may dissipate with longer storage.

Have yet to find them for sale.