Cosme- Not a good experience

Went last night for a special occasion. Dinner started promising enough. Excellent drinks and amazing chips. We ordered two apps, a mid course and one main to share (before dessert). Within five minutes of placing our order the first two apps came which were good- tuna and razor clams. The second, I mean the second one of the plates were CLOSE to being finished, at least two bus people tried to clear the plates. We had to tell them at least 10 times we weren’t finished throughout our meal. When we were finished with the apps, the plates and silverware were changed sooner than immediately! Less than a minute later both our mid course and main course (lobster and then soft shell crab) showed up. We told them we didn’t want to be rushed. After an indignant look and a chat with our waiter, they took the soft shell away. Again, as it looked like we were finishing the dish, they swooped in to try and clear the table. Clearly management has told their bus staff to do this so they can get multiple turns per table per night. It wasn’t anything close to fine dining! Our soft shell crab came back out lukewarm-obviously under the lamps. Again, the bus people were swarming over us. Not once did the waiter stop by to see how everything was. Here’s the other thing. We sat down at 5:55pm and were totally done by 6:50. I asked for a manager and he proceeded to tell me that the waiter read our table wrong and that that’s how they always serve food there…I asked him if the average dinner was under an hour and he smirked. Also, when I told him they reheated the soft shell, he said no way…which he later admitted indeed was kept warm.

All in all, it was a horrible experience and we will not return.

Yikes. That sounds disastrous. I had a similar experience at Burger & Lobster (which is more excusable 'cause it’s cheap). As you probably know, there are only three entree choices there: burger, lobster, lobster roll. So the servers have you order drinks and mains at the same time - it’s not like you need a lot of time to decide. On my first visit, the drink arrived ten minutes after the lobster. On my second visit, I ordered the drink and said I’d order my entree once the drink came - you know, the way restaurant meals usually go. I got the tight smile from my server and tight-smiled him right back. And got to enjoy my drink all by itself for a (very) few minutes.

Thanks. Glad to read your post. Cosme was not a place that I wished to visit, and you have confirmed my disinterest.

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