Corvo Rindo- Agonda, Goa [India]

This was very much a step up in terms of price point and both execution from the places we normally frequented whilst at Agonda Beach. The menu was split between Portuguese and Goa dishes. With it’s tasting selection and the open kitchen it was a very different aesthetic to all the other places we tried.The food is also very different to anywhere else in the area as it’s mostly generic Indian at other places with the odd Goan dish.

We opted for the Goan 5 , which was 5 dishes along with rice, rotis and accompaniments. The okra was good and not slimy with a good heat from chilli. The fish curry was delicately spiced, with tamarind and the fish beautifully cooked. Prawn curry was also good but no tamarind in this one just a standard masala. I really liked the spinach daal as it had coconut milk in it and it was very much like a Sri Lankan one I make at home. A nice change from all the other daal he’d been eating. The only slightly bum note was the squid stuffed with prawn vindaloo. The squid was chewy and the cardamom flavour too dominant. Apart from that the spicing overall was bright and well judged. The rotis and rice were good and having 5 chutneys was a nice touch.

Goan 5