Corrado's Coming to Brick

From their door


Yup. That’s what was posted on FB. Looks like bottle king on the future. Can’t wait


Drove by the Spirits by Trader Joe’s. Lights were out but all the neon signs were on. Woman staring at orange letter taped to door. Wouldn’t it be nice if TJ’s got that license?

I guess all three are now caput? I mean I guess the free market speaks. Think TJ’s has their max two licenses between Princeton and Westfield but man that would be nice too. Looking forward to bottle king. It’s sad when the circus by Newmans springs is the class of the area and they really stink…

Yeah? Why do you say that? They have been my preferred liquor store since moving to the area.

I found prices to be mediocre at best on wine and have accidentally bought way too many expired beers there; like 4 trips in a row- many in summer- I go too infrequently to remember to check it every time.

I really try to stick to Sams club (house brand tequila is amazing value and same for Costco vodka- with literally 15 bucks a handle), TJ’s Princeton, or bottle King middletown these days.

Where is Sams Club with liquor? I don’t drink enough beer or wine to really judge Circus fairly, but their hard liquor prices are generally pretty good. During the summer when I’m spending time at the beach my go-to is Wegmans, it’s just not worth the trip to save $ 2 / $3 on a bottle unless I’m already in that area.

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I think Wegman’s is usually as good as Sam’s or a bit cheaper. Sam’s inventory can be erratic. Sometimes ShopRite liquors has good prices during a sale, but their everyday prices are usually more expensive. Wines prices are variable with all three but again Wegman’s is pretty good.



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I’m with you. Circus is my go-to along with Vingo. I find their prices to be fair. Mind you, I buy the same brand vodka and cabernet so I know what price is right. If I’m feeling like having fun trying different wines around the holidays or something, I’ll head up to Bottle King. (I want to go wine shopping with Mr. Parzer!)


Eli buys wine from wine library. If I recall, the “wine manager” from shoppers vineyard went to wine library. He and I have very similar tastes for bolder reds. I’ve shared a few nice bottles with him and Mrs P :slight_smile:

When buying a case you can get great deals from these online retailers…which you probably know.


Someone should tag @paryzer :grin:

Yes, I usually buy my wine from Wine Library, but the wine manager that turned me on to some great wines has recently left. They also have a Library pass that you can purchase for $99 a year for unlimited free shipping for as little as 1 bottle per shipment. It’s worth it if you buy a lot of wine. I have recently started buying wine from a Bottle King near me in Wayne. They are part of and I have gotten some very good deals from them. I signed up for their daily email sales. They usually have free shipping on as little as 4 bottles. They also had a Caymus wine tasting a few weeks ago. That is my favorite wine but I can’t afford $200 a bottle. I actually got a shipment today from Bottle King of this cool looking 97 point Malbec that I am looking forward to drinking this weekend.


Sorry I thought you meant where are they price-wise when you actually meant, where?

It appears that Corrado’s will no longer be opening in Brick. They’ve been evicted. Their liquor license came with several strict requirements that would have been fulfilled in that location so it is unclear what is going to happen to it.

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I read this story this morning and came away with very, very little actual information. I have heard bad things about Brick and business. I wonder what the actual story is.

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My sources are the “highly reliable” Brick Patch and Next Door so who knows what’s really going on.