Cornucopia [Keyport, NJ]

Cornucopia in Keyport is closed indefinitely. The sign on the door said it would be closed “the remainder of August. See you in September!” And according to someone at the Yellow Rose Diner, their sister restaurant, they are remodeling and will re-open. But their phone is disconnected, and their Facebook page seems to have disappeared. Oddly, when we were there yesterday, the windows were propped open, though I heard no activity inside. So maybe it will re-open and maybe it won’t.

Let’s hope it’s to do a major cleaning of the place! It stopped being quaint two decades ago.

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Did they still have the dinner cruise?

Apparently. Still advertising

That was my only experience with their brand. 20± years ago attended an event on the boat. Wasn’t memorable enough for me to ever try the restaurant.

Never tried an east coast dinner cruise because the entertainment was lacking but I have tried to join friends for a meal at the rest and the interior distracted me.

I was in their sister restaurant Monday and asked the manager (owner?) about Cornucopia. I can’t remember his exact words, but I got the impression it might not be re-opening at all–he was somewhat vague about it.

At the Yellow Rose diner I found a bread tie in my hash browns.

I’m sticking with the reopened Town and Country diner. At least they clean the dining room. Their menu is very good.


The old Cornucopia site is now Ovidia, which seems to be another diner, though with higher prices. Then again, maybe the prices are just the new normal.