Corningware - Cornflower pattern w/ handles

Classic blue cornflower patterned Corningware casserole/baking dishes. Just like mom, or grandma, had.
Used, but in excellent shape.

1, 1.5, 1.75 qt with lid
10 in. Casserole w lid
2 detachable handles to enable ease of transfer while hot from the oven.

Asking $25 obo + shipping. Free delivery within a reasonable drive if the greater Sacramento area.

I’ve been eyeing these since I watched my aunt cook with them directly on the stovetop (pyroceram right?) but I think shipping cost to the opp coast will not make any sense.

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I’m running errands today, so I can get you an estimated shipping cost. What’s a good zip code to use as a destination?

Those things are great. I donated a boxful exactly like that to GoodWill when I was cleaning out my mom’s house in LA last year. Kinda regret it…

I did some quick bathroom scale weighing and such.

I believe they will all fit in a usps flat rate large box, which is approx $25.

At around 13 lbs and change, UPS will be about the same.

So the effective price w shipping, alas, is about $50.

Still a decent deal, but admittedly a less attractive one.


I am loathe to donate to Goodwill these days, because I have witnessed firsthand what happens to things that don’t sell in their stores. Once an item has languished for a certain amount of time in a GW retail store (I don’t know what the threshold is, but it’s not long), it gets sent to a GW warehouse. Literally truckloads arrive at the warehouses daily, and the warehouse employees dump the misfit items into bins that are about 10’x4’x2’. The buying public can sift through the bins, where nothing is sorted, so you have household goods mixed with small appliances and clothing of all sorts and sizes. Some of it is clearly junk, but I have seen brand new clothing as well as kitchenware that may not be new but is perfectly serviceable. The bins have a floor life of about an hour, after which the hard goods are sorted to be shipped to the landfill, and the clothing bundled for overseas delivery.

These days we donate to our local homeless shelters, Habitat Restore, or our local foster care units for kids aging out of the system. That way we know our stuff will be used and not end up in the ground.

As for this Corningware, I think @Lectroid is asking a very decent price - plus he’s fairly local to me - but I have nearly that exact set and no place to store more pieces, else I’d be all over it.


Not to derail the thread, but Goodwill will half the price of items that have lingered too long. Every Friday, they switch colors – today (Friday) was orange, everything with an orange tag is half price. On Thursday everything with an orange tag will go down to $2.00 (it used to be $1.00). Next Friday, everything with an orange tag will be pulled and a new color will go half price.

So they do try to sell everything in the store… some things just don’t sell.

Today, I found a beautiful “Daisy” print summer dress for Sunshine. Originally it was $6.49, so half price (orange tag) $3.24, what a steal!! I just put it in the wash, I’ll take a picture later.


I think I have that same exact set that my mom gave me, which she used when I was just a wee little blue faced toddler at home.

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Bubble wrap it to death because the PS will surely destroy that flat box, the $50 gratis insurance is a joke.

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Our local Goodwill is a crooked outfit. The Salvation Army here is much better with their displays and pricing. They don’t accept books anymore, though. Living in a resort area allows us pretty nice merch showing up in the local thrift organizations, there is competetion with the national shops.

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I’m sorry to hear that.

By the way, here is the dress I picked up for Sunshine. She really likes it.