Love esquites and elote both.

Corn season in India brings also street carts piled with ears and a small stove — fresh grilled corn, rubbed with a wedge of lime dipped in red chilli powder and salt is an indelible flavor memory. Yum. (I make it stovetop when the pile of summer corn finally arrives.)

On a different note, if you like corn pudding or souffle, you might like corn sformato too.


This is good.

This was really good.


cut about 1" off at the stalk end of corn on cob X4, microwave for 1.5-2 minutes or so, husks and silk slide off…put in mouth…salt and butter…nothing much to do with good summer corn!


If you go to Mexico and get iced cream, there might just be some elote in it. My kids freaked when they saw the kernels in their ice cream.

I LOVE corn casserole.

IMHO you can make this recipe better.

Re: Step 2… Just do the onion in the EVOO with a pinch of kosher salt over medium low heat until caramelized… while roasting the garlic, tomatoes, and chile. Then add everything to the skillet and continue.

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I’ve made a note to try this - thanks!

Corn is such a phallic food.

Sorry, just needed to get that off my chest.

Carry on.

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His comment “It tasted like adulterated corn”…. I just found it very monotonous . Maybe we just aren’t farro fans.

Why’d ya have a COTC on your chest? Do we really want to know? …





I guess that depends on how one eats it. :wink:

I like maque choux. Here’s a version:

The heavy cream brings it all together.

And here it is with shrimp:

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Just curious, and apologies for the quick thread drift, but how do people eat their corn on the cob?

Horizontally (like a typewriter – remember those? or am I dating myself)?


Or vertically (like a Scotch tape dispenser)?


Or you just a heathen, and gnaw at it haphazardly?


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100%. There is no other way.


I start at one end and work down to the other. But I eat it plain - no butter or salt. And sometimes I cut it off the cob and eat it that way with TPSTOB.

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Vertically. >ducks<

It invented the typewriter. Christopher Latham Sholes was a mother sweet corn eater, fan, gourmet