Corn bread hack

I must admit, I’m not doing much baking or cooking these days. But with the warmer weather, friends are coming over Thursday night for a purchased dinner on my outside patio. It’s going to be BBQ focused, and I’m going to make corn bread.

I love this hack because it’s quick and easy. I take two boxes of Jiffy corn bread mix, and follow the package directions. I pour the mix into an 8x8 baking pan. and bake at 350 for 30 minutes.

While it’s baking, I melt a stick of butter. When it comes out of the oven, I immediately pour the butter over top of the corn bread. Then I let it cool slightly and serve.

It’s amazing how butter makes everything better!


I’m also a fan of Jiffy (though always have trouble finding it now here in Boston) and agree you need two boxes per pan or they come out too thin. I’ll try the butter!

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Interesting. Is this butter just room temperature or still liquid when served? Sounds yummy! Either way butter always makes food better :slight_smile:

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The butter goes from the top of my stove top, in warm melted form, right onto the top of the hot corn bread. It soaks right in, and the transformation is magical!

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This sounds amazing. I’m a Jiffy fan as well - one of those tastes of childhood that never disappoints. I’ll try the butter trick next time!

You will not be disappointed!

My wife makes a corn bread casserole which is more or less creamed corn baked in Jiffy corn bread mix.

I use those left overs and mix it into Pillsbury Grand biscuits, roll it out, use that as the hack crust for my chicken pot pie. Ohhhhh sooooooo goooood.


Maybe this Jiffy product locator would help you find the mix at a nearby grocery store. Fingers crossed.

Add me to the “Jiffy Cornbread Mix” fan list, please!

I, too, use two boxes of the mix - and, because I like crunchy edges, I bake in a well-oiled pie pan that’s been pre-heated in the oven (the batter sizzles as it’s poured in…same idea as baking in cast iron, only I don’t own any cast iron pans).

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thanks for that link - there are a few places around me that carry it, just not my normal grocery stores.

One of my regular stores says they have it but I can never find it there. . . hmmm . . . I wonder if they’ve redone packaging. Ironically, I just had this problem with couscous. Near East had such a major graphic change on their box that I couldn’t find them the other week!


How true about the artwork change on the Near East box. Hiding in plain sight now.


This might explain why I couldn’t find the box at my store last week - and nor could the sales clerk.


Sorry for the tangent - old on right new on left. I was staring right at them … they seem even more different on the shelf


I’m very visual. Often I don’t recall the brand but I do recall the “look” of the packaging enough to spot what I’m looking for.

This sort of thing makes me crazy. I guess their marketing department feels like they have to create job security.


True about repackaging, but the weirdest thing about the new box is that there is more product in the new box than the old one. Usually I find they repackage when they lower the amount of product you get.


A handful of chopped green peppers added to the box mix and I am down with this quick bake.