Coretta, Paris 17

My most recent meal at Coretta. I’ve never had a disappointment there.


Thanks for the great review of Coretta. I haven’t been since before the pandemic and you put it back on my list. My recollection is that it has air conditioning so if also a good choice when it is hot outside.
By the way, your blog is fantastic and I look forward to reading it every time you post.

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Thank you, CAMI. Yes, it is air conditioned.

I’ve been on the Coretta cheerleading team ever since it opened and, like you, have never had a less than excellent meal there. Plus, very enjoyable vibe and setting. Plus, Les Batignolles is such an delightful area for us flâneurs.

Onzième, thanks for this recent review; glad to know it is purring along as usual. Fortunately for us, no long trek involved – it is in easy walking distance – three weeks from now we once again settle into the Batignolles neighborhood for more than a month this year.

@PeterCL. So many good resto/ hanging out choices in Les Batignolles but let me give a plug for the courtyard dining at the very new Hotel l’Eldorado on rue des Dames. Maybe not a remarkable foodie experience but an exceptionally pleasant “bon vivant” and parisian experience. Provided that you have good weather during your stay, of course.

Thanks for the tip, think that this was still under construction at this time last year. We’ll give this a try, weather permitting.

"So many good resto/ hanging out choices in Les Batignolles . . . ". Yes, indeed. Very little reason for us to leave the neighborhood when dining out. And, fortunately for us, too much of a trek for those staying in Paris central.

Thanks @onzieme for the excellent review of Coretta, which we love, as do our French pals who live to the west of Paris (i.e. easy trek for them). I was especially glad to see that their superb ris de veau is still on the menu.

Thanks, Carole. From where you usually stay, you can now take the 14 métro from Chatelet to Pont Cardinet, a much easier trip than before to get to Coretta.

Thanks, onz, that is great to hear. I’ll have to check out which entrance to Châtelet is closest to line 14.