Copper Canyon Atlantic Highlands

So believe it or not I was really trying to dine at Christine’s across the street but it was a last minute decision and I didn’t make a reservation, showed up at 6:40 asked for a table for 4, was told 8:30 was the earliest table available. You go Chef Ron!!! lol

So I bounced across the street to Copper Canyon who had ample availability. For those that don’t know Copper Canyon has been around for awhile and has a “Tex-Mex” influenced menu, in a fine-ish dining environment. Very well known for their tequila selection. (very limited vodka selection FYI)

We started with the chips, salsa, guac and their brie. All of which were very good, the quac portion size seems to be smaller than I remember, one healthy ice cream scoop, they topped it with fresh ground pepper which actually took away from the guac rather than adding anything to it. The brie was also a smaller-ish serving size but it was very good.

1.) Steak 1.) Sushi Special 21.) Chicken Quesadilla

Steak is always very good here, although I didn’t get it this time.

Sushi special got a good review from my daughter who is a pain in the ass by her nature, so no complaint is a compliment. Although if you are going to have sushi roll(s) on your special menu, you should serve it with soy, and not have your waiter say; “I dont’ think we have any but I’ll check” when asked.

The lamb chops were mine, I was never asked what temp I wanted them, just figured I would go with it, they came out rarer than I prefer and they weren’t really seasoned. I couldn’t tell if they were even sprinkled with salt and pepper prior to cooking. They weren’t bad, but they weren’t great either. They were served with a pineapple and mango salsa, didn’t pair well with the lamb chops, no idea why they paired them together.

Chicken Quesadilla was good too, not too much bad you can do to this. It was served with the same mango pineapple salsa thing that the lamb was…??

Overall a decent/ good experience…but I still wish I had eaten at Christine’s!

I adore lamb chops and order them often. What I’ve found is that when left to their own devices, chefs always prepare them medium rare which is too rare for me. So, if I’m asked – and even if the server neglects to inquire – I specify medium or pink.

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I agree these were more rare, I prefer medium rare to medium.