Cookware Funnies


Sometimes I come across pictures of cookware that make me laugh…

(John) #2

I knew there was a size for everything.


‘n’ shape…


I have this, good for noodles. No need of both chopsticks and spoon.




It takes all kinds…

(Chris) #6

An ad for this monstrous 24 carat gold mood cutlery egg popped up the other day. It’s a whopping £13,380 ($15,000). I mean who? why?


Isn’t gold toxic and too soft as utensils?


Aren’t we already eating it? e.g. Indian desserts


French dessert too, but who said it did you good!

According to this article, gold leaf is more dangerous than the 24k golden vessels or utensils. From a few things I read, eating pure gold (24k) is inert to us, it won’t be absorbed by the body.


Sightings of Nessie at home.


While we are stacking pots, here’s a citiscape created by stacking loads of pots: