Cooking with Chef Watson

I found this article about Chef Watson, IBM’s recipe generating artificial intelligence app, quite amusing:

It’s fun to play around with, although I can’t say it has generated anything I would actually want to cook:

I was one of the (thousands of) beta testers when IBM was developing Chef Watson, so I messed around with the program in its early stages. It never came up with a recipe that looked anywhere near appetizing. I bailed, not long after I encountered the instruction “sprinkle with baby eggplants” or something similar. Every so often I get an email reminding me that Chef Watson still exists, so I go check it out. Hasn’t gotten less interesting or more useful.

This is so funny!

I put in beef and Boston lettuce as ingredients (it’s what’s in the fridge) and it told me to make lettuce sandwiches. There is no beef in the recipe, instead there is ground pork, which should be brushed with olive oil and left to sit at room temperature for half an hour, and then grilled. The pork then goes in the fridge “uncovered” for four hours, after which you slice the ground pork. Also, for 6 servings, you need 7 ciabatta rolls.

I am cracking up, so fun. I :heart: computers .