Cooking smells you don't like?

I used to work for a company thwt was next door to a roaster. My office always smelled like roasting coffee, which was fine by me… it was the only part of that job that didn’t stink.


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Just Char/Starbucks or all coffee roasters?

I have a lifelong dislike of pancakes to the point of not even tolerating the smell of them cooking. My mother-in-law would always cook pancakes for her husband when they came to visit us. It made me nauseous every morning. For some reason, she cooked them in the tiniest cast iron skillet that I had - it was only one pancake big not even 6". It was a souvenir from Patty Pan’s Porch in Atlanta - they served cornbread it it to each person and gave it to you at the end of the meal. The only thing I used that for was toasting Szechuan peppercorns - there must have been residual oils in it from years of doing that. Made me laugh because Pop didn’t like spicy food - he always said it gave him “an itchy rectum”.

all. not sure why, it all smells burnt to me. How about you?

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non-starbucks isn’t bad to me

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