Cooking from resettled refugees

Syrians in Toronto:
Newcomer Kitchen Cooks Up Business Venture For Syrian Refugee Women

Syrians, Chechen, Iranian, Indian, Ethiopian and Sri Lankan in Paris (including a mention of L’Ami Jean):
From Refugee Chefs, a Taste of Home

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It is important to emphasize the talents and skills of refugees. Before the horrible civil war, Syria had a high standard of living and especially a highly-educated population. It was no paradise, as Bachir was a ruthless dictator, but the current situation is an utter horror for the general population.

At least one of the top restaurants here in Montréal (Damas) is Syrian, and there are other very good ones such as Alep/Le Petit Alep.

Obviously refugees have to be vetted to keep out Daesh sympathisers; that is probably easier to do here in Canada than in closer European and Middle-Eastern countries.