Cooking and 3d graphics

Hello! I continue my series of video production in motion design style.
I will try to describe in detail and interestingly how it all began and at what stage is my 3D video for fans of online recipes. And so, let’s go!
I have always been interested in 3D graphics, not only static pictures (although they also look cool), but also animation! Advertising is where an inexperienced person cannot even understand whether it is filmed with a camera or simulated in the program. Cinema is generally aerobatics!

All my adult life I have connected with art. Therefore, the composition is like a dear mother to me, and the color is like a father - strict, gentle and diverse! :slight_smile:

How it all began
About 10 years ago (or something like that) I watched another space science fiction and I was pressed - how do they do it? I was haunted by a picture from a movie. Everything is so unreal and so realistically filmed - the movement of characters, within graphics, graphics within characters …
… It’s boiling !!! It’s time to get busy and study this issue - I decided! But where do you start? I installed my first 3D program and plunged headlong into video tutorials! Immediately undertook to simulate a retro car.
It turned out not bad, but long and painful, and the idea of ​​doing the “coolest” 3D graphics cooled down in my soul and I returned to my normal course.
And then it appeared - “Avatar” !!! He tore, tossed and smeared my poor brain on the floor !!!
I realized that I needed to do graphics at all costs and the next “brainchild” was my first video, partially made in 3D. Thank God, the boss was on vacation and did not drive me over trifles and I did it for about a month for a MONTH, CARL !!!

Let’s go back to our time, and to cooking
As you all know, lately I’ve been working on a YouTube channel about healthy eating (filming, editing, scripts, storyboards). In this connection, the topic for my future 3D video clip was obvious, about food and food.
And the theme of 3D graphics does not let me go, and decided to try this time to get stuck for a long time and seriously!
The idea of ​​the video was born immediately - a person selects the products that he has on the phone screen and the online service selects recipes for him in accordance with the selected products. The concept was drawn right away - products in “virtual reality should look” on a computer "- in 3D it is called LOW POLY!

The process turned out to be very exciting, but also long! Check transitions and join frames to make the camera look dynamic and not bulky!
Everyone has heard of such a word as “watching”. Before starting, I looked through the videos I liked frame by frame for a week, studied how the camera moves, how objects move; in the end it was not that difficult and I got to work!
Two weeks ago, I asked you about colors and food preferences - this was the first stage of preparation - it was important for me to know your opinion! And many thanks to those who answered!
Having shoveled a lot of information, specifically about animation - before that, all my activities were mainly connected with a static picture, and animation as a basis for a project was new to me!
At this point, I’ve almost finished sketching out the initial animation. Objects without textures and simple lighting, but the main thing is not objects, the main and most difficult thing in movement is the camera animation! and this is a real discovery for me! The most difficult thing is to dock the cameras in real and 3D graphics!
At the moment, only half of the work has been done, but I am in a hurry to share the process and get your opinion.

to be continued!