Cooked Frozen Food Delivery Startup

Hi, I am working on a startup that plans to deliver famous frozen food brands already cooked and ready to eat. For example, if you are craving DiGiorno’s pizza or Tyson’s chicken nuggets, our startup will deliver these to you hot and ready to eat. I did not have access to cooking equipment during my university years yet always fancied some frozen food. Interested to hear of other use cases as well.

Currently in prototype stage. Thought I let you know and if interested, please send me a private message with your name, phone, and email.

I could be wrong, but I do believe you’re barking up the wrong tree.

I just can’t see this being successful. Then again, FedEx had it’s doubters, too.

Good luck!

Actually, it does not seem like private messages are an option, so I am also posting the link to our landing page, just a simple wix website. That one has a contact form on it, had to format it so I could actually post it.

“alexmastartup [dot] wixsite [dot] com [forward slash] frozencookeddelivery”

PMs are absolutely an option.

Would this involve traveling around with a portable heat source or something?

Kinda defeats the idea of frozen food, doesn’t it?


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Seems that the people on the College Confidential forums are giving you some good advice, that most universities at least offer microwaves in the dorm basements these days.

It’s really good to ask people about your business ideas and solicit feedback while developing your business plan, but you might want to slow it down; you’re on the Stop Forum Spam list…

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