Cookbook of the Month Archive

This thread is the archive for Cookbook of the Month here on Hungry Onion, starting in March, 2022. Let’s keep this thread as an archive only. Please do not reply or discuss the books here. Coordinators will add the new books each month.

For books done on Chowhound prior to March, 2022, please see this spreadsheet.

March, 2022 - Lemon, Love & Olive Oil, by Mina Stone

April, 2022 - Simple Thai Food, by Leela Punyaratabandhu

May 2022 - The New Midwestern Table

June 2022 - Edward Lee Month

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July 2022 - Flavors of the Sun

August 2022 - Flavors of the Sun, extended

September 2022 - Cook, Eat, Repeat

October, 2022 - THALI and Maunika Gowardhan’s online recipes

November 2022 - I Dream of Dinner (So You Don’t Have To) by Ali Slagle

December 2022 - ARABESQUE, by Claudia Roden

January 2023 - Mexican Everyday and More Mexican Everyday, by Rick Bayless

February 2023 - Korean American by Eric Kim

March 2023 - Shannon Martinez month (Smith & Daughters, Smith & Delicious, Vegan with Bite)

April 2023 - Smitten Kitchen Keepers

May 2023 - Venice, by Russell Norman

July 2023 - RecipeTin Eats Book & Blog

August 2023 - Thomas Keller Month

October 2023 - The Woks of Life

November 2023 - Dinner in One, by Melissa Clark