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A month ago, I posted this in the “Meal kits - do you use them?” thread:
" The latest promotional delivery I tried is . It blows away RealEats and the others, like lint in a hurricane! The meals are chilled, packed with frozen gelpacks in a box thickly lined with pads made from shredded denim. The packs can be drained to nourish your plants. The cardboard trays are oven and microwave safe AND biodegradable/compostable.

The meals are made fresh by identified professional chefs. They deserve my highest compliment, which is that they are every bit as good as my own cooking (I know how boastful that sounds but it is what it is). I have had eight, each one at least as delicious as meals for which I’ve paid $100 in renowned Boston area restaurants. E.g.: Asian meatballs with napa cabbage, edamame, and peanut coconut sauce; roasted chicken breast with truffle risotto, carrot, celery, and mushrooms; beef bourguignon with egg noodles; leek mushroom quiche with buttered green beans.

The meat and seafood portions are ample but I find the sides a bit skimpy. Easily supplemented with salad or an additional cooked vegetable made from my Misfits Market boxes. The meals can be frozen if they reach their best by date, which is 3-4 days after arrival. So far, they serve most of the East Coast from D.C. through MA, but only the eastern part of some of those states. "

Since then, I have tried several more of their dishes. Chicken patties were too bready, and a chicken breast stuffed with cheese and spinach should be called florentine, not cordon bleu. But everything else defies superlatives. The last one was gorgonzola mac&cheese with pancetta, roasted cauliflower, peas, and caramelized pearl onions. There’s also parsley, cream cheese, and parmesan in there.
I am thrilled with the 60 or so entree choices per week. Some repeat and some are new. Though they come fresh, most can be frozen without affecting quality. Depending on how many you order, they cost $11-12 per meal. I share this info because these meals may appeal to fellow Honions, not to rack up discounts. But I do have a $50 off a first order code that I’d be happy to share with anyone who PMs me or asks in this thread. That amounts to half off an order of 8 meals. I recommend ordering 8 because when I ordered 12, it came in two boxes of 6, and in very hot weather, the second box, arriving a day late, was too warm. They immediately credited me when I notified them. Had the box contained 8, it might have stayed cool enough to be safe.


I’m asking my daughter; she lives in Queens.

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Is that $50 off code still available? I’d like to order for my daughter.

Recently, Cedric Vongerichten joined the list of Cookunity chefs. I assume he is related to the famous chef-restaurateur, Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Lo and behold, now JGV himself has joined CU! The CU kitchen is in Brooklyn and their delivery area is the Northeast. It will be interesting to see if other famous chefs sign on, and if this fully cooked fine-cuisine shipment business model spreads to other fine dining hubs.

The listing for the JGV entrees showed a $3 surcharge. You can sign up, then cancel or skip any time. Ask me if you’d like a code for $50 off your first week.