Cook, Needham, MA

We went to Cook in Needham last night and sat at the bar. We each had a shrimp taco and we split a burger (with lettuce, tomato and avocado) with truffle fries. The burger was nicely cooked to the specified medium-rare. My taco was excellent. Weirdly, mine came with guacamole but Scott’s didn’t. We didn’t realize there was a discrepancy until he had finished his taco. I had been to Cook once before and not been wowed (I ordered a pasta dish – can’t remember which one) but we definitely ordered correctly this time. The bartender did a great job with our cocktails. I love that cocktails are so well balanced nowadays!


I have had a couple successful meals here, too. They have a flatbread that I like, can’t remember what’s on it now. I would say it’s reliable for a neighborhood spot.