[Conwy] Groes Inn

It’s a five hundred year old inn, a couple of miles outside of Conwy. The sort of place for which the word “quaint” is designed. There’s bedrooms in an adjacent building and, in the main building, every table is set for eating with, seemingly, no set-up just for drinkers. Food is pub grub, rather than “gastro” and is none the worse for that.

Slow roast pork belly looked everything you want from a pub lunch dish. Generous slab of piggy, slice of tasty black pudding, mash, carrots , apple sauce and a decent gravy. The criticism would be that the pork hadn’t been finished properly, so the skin was only crisp in parts (and what is pork belly without crackling). It also meant that the fat hadn’t sufficiently rendered into the meat (yes, I know that belly is supposed to be fatty, but this crossed a line). All tasted good, though.

A lighter option on the other side of the table. Ham & cheese toastie – good ham, strong cheese, a little salad, tortilla chips – and proper chips. Nothing wrong here.

So, a decent enough lunch. And I’d consider staying here if we fancied a change from the Llandudno Premier Inn (in spite of a nearly 100% price difference).