Convivial in DC - Report

This was my third visit to Convival, an I really like this place. Although the menu changes, it is good to note that the leeks vinaigrette, a Parisian bistro staple, always seems to be on the menu and is an outrageously good version, served not just as a tradition but with an eye toward modernity. And it’s very pretty to look at as well.

Unfortunately, I ran into a clunker. I have been wanting a really good cassoulet for years now, my timing was right, so I went for it here fully trusting the chef would do it justice. It turned out to be very, very salty. The variety of meats in it were very nice, not great, and most happily the confit de canard was gently placed on top, so I was able to rescue it. After eating the cassoulet, I had the duck for dessert, and it was very good. So not a total loss.

I will go back, but now I feel I’ve had my fill of cassoulet for a while.


I’ve heard that’s good, but have been out of town almost the entire summer. Did you mention the saltiness to them? I admire your dessert choice. I hope to get to convivial this Fall. Or Winter.

The happy hour looks fun.

If you do find a good cassoulet here, let us know!

The happy hour at Convivial is a very good deal, but it is a true hour, from 5-6pm. My timing wasn’t quite right.

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Thanks. I’d overlooked that.

We loved Convivial, but it’s been years. Thanks for reminding me we need to go back.