Contra restaurant

We’re visiting NYC from SF Bay area in Nov and I’m trying t find some interesting restaurants to try - not interested in Italian or Chinese. I’ve come across Contra on Orchard St and wonder if anyone has feedback on it and also how tough it is to get a reservation for Sat evening. I know they only take reservation 2 weeks in advance. Interested in suggestions for Middle Eastern/Lebanese/Greek in Manhattan - realize that might not be best place for these. Also thinking about 1 dinner in Brooklyn - where would you go seems to be no end of choices. Two other considerations - like place that has good choices for a vegetarian and where noise level is reasonable.
Also need one suggestion for late dinner ie 9:30/10pm near mid town. and fun place for drinks

Contra is good, they also have a wine bar with small plates that’s great - Wildair.

Not sure why you think that. Take a look at the options, there are good ones at different price points and levels of fanciness. We can help you narrow them down.

Where in Bk? Does it need to be subway accessible? There’s great middle eastern (:joy:), among others.

Thanks - is wildair easy to get seats later in the evening 10ish?
I had heard the more authentic greek restaurants were in Queens. I’ll take a look at those in Manhattan and give some names

Brooklyn - yes subway accessible is best

It’s a wine bar with food (great food) so the crowd varies over the course of the evening. Hard to predict, but there will be fewer people trying to eat at 10. Worst case put your name down and have a glass while you wait.

The Greek place in queens that pops up most frequently is Taberna Kyclades - there’s one in Manhattan too. Overcooked octopus killed the both for me. Try The Greek in Tribeca, or Greca if daytime. Midtown - Milos and Molyvos are excellent.

For middle eastern - look at mediterranean, Israeli, turkish, etc too - many good and similar options under different guises - can narrow down from there.

Some restaurant recs in Brooklyn (especially if you like Contra):

Olmstead - can be hard to get a reservation.
Battersby - do the tasting menu!
Yuji Ramen/Okonomi
Sans - getting lots of hype, but I haven’t been so can’t vouch, concept is high-end vegan food for non-vegans