Consumption of hot red chile peppers linked to 13% decrease in mortality*

…after adjusting for lifestyle factors. Science Daily.

*whether there’s any benefit from listening the the Red Hot Chili Peppers has apparently not been studied.

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Who would have thought my regimen
Of pot smoking, going for Mexican Food and BBQ & beer would now be the basis of a healthy lifestyle?
Ain’t life grand? :smiley:


Like I needed encouragement to put harissa mayonnaise on everything I eat. :wink:


I guess I am lucky to have a major cook/companion who likes putting some zing into her dishes like that recent chili, meat loaf, sizzling winter soup and frittata…we usually use our own home dried chili peppers from the patio garden.


Something do not add up very well. On one hand, you have studies which claim spicy foods (or is it only red chile pepper) have a positive effect on life expectancy. On the other hand, nations with the highest life expectancy eat some of the most subtle and mild food:
Japan, Switzerland, Singapore, Macau…etc.

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What about green and orange chili peppers? Chili pepper consumption overrides the effects of smoking? Consuming chili peppers means you’re dumb?

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Singaporean food is not subtle and mild! Singaporeans are actually very heavy handed with the chillies. Almost every local dish is served with chilli sauce, sliced fresh chillies, or pickled green chillies. Oftentimes there are cooked chillies or chilli paste in the dish itself too.