Consumers forced to pass test before being allowed to make purchase...

From Consumers Forced to Take Test Before Being Allowed to Purchase Liqueur

I found the concept of taking a test to be deemed eligible to buy a product pretty offensive.

So, I’ve done the test with as much gibberish as I could think of and submitted it with false personal details (except my email - as I want to see if anything happens). Hopefully it’ll waste their time looking at it. Also hopefully, others will also send them gibberish.

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“Are you worthy of a bottle?”

This is so obnoxious.


Isn’t it? Jeez . . . .

Oh come on guys!

It’s an obviously targeted marketing ploy to generate publicity for a coffee liqueur that none of us would have ever heard of much less buy without the “test”.

It turned out to be brilliant, didn’t it?


That’s hilarious. I hope at least one of the people deemed worthy of a bottle uses it for white russians and mudslides.


As Groucho Marx put it: “Please accept my resignation. I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member”.

Pretty sure everyone passes the test and gets a trophy.


It’s says there is only six bottles world wide . @ 115 a bottle you might as well purchase all six for 690 . My precious . WTF .

Yes, it is a marketing ploy. But it is still obnoxious and would not make me interested in the product,


Usually if there are only six bottles of something they aren’t offered online with a quiz.

Now pass me a glass of Screaming Eagle, my dear.

Here’s your glass of Screaming Eagle . Chin Chin .

Kind of like Grey Poupon. And who remembers Stimerol - the “chewing gum for the rich” back in the 80’s?
And like the perfume Joie - which is always (supposedly) the most expensive fragrance in the world - if another perfume starts to charge more - they raise their price by a dollar.