Consumer Reports Rates America's Grocery Chains

NBC New York Story


Thank you for sharing. I have shopped a lot of these stores over the years because we have family in different states, and the rankings seem pretty accurate in my experience. The interesting thing is that some of these purveyors are so different from one another. The two highest scoring grocers differ vastly.

My local weekly go-to in Massachusetts is Market Basket, which is almost the opposite of Wegmans where I have also shopped. MB is a leader on price and keeps the design of its stores basic, without in-store dining at most locations in my area. No alcohol sales at all and I would describe the prepared food selection as limited. Wegmans, on the other hand, has big stores with everything though not at MB prices.

We also do Trader Joe’s runs from time to time because we enjoy several of TJ branded products.

I do find myself shopping at different stores for different reasons. Wonder if others do the same.


I have shopped in so few of these stores. I miss Publix, we wish HEB would come across the Red River to Oklahoma, Trader Joe’s only for certain things, Sprouts for produce, Aldi’s for prices. I have been into Hy-vee and it was pretty good. Costco would be good if you didn’t have to buy such large amounts, I buy for one. Do not shop any Walmart corp stores.


We buy for two. Gave up our Costco membership for the same reason.

Trader Joe’s is okay. What gets me is there small parking spaces and their chatty checkers. The lines could be long

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How did Target supermarket rated so high and Walmart supermarket rated so low?

It’s Meijer for us but have shopped at several of the others. Many I have never heard of here in southern Indiana. But for me I will rank any grocery store high if they have move than 3 of the 40 lanes open. I have never understood why they build so many lanes to check out in and only open a couple. Guess they think my time isn’t valuable!!!

Walmart and Target. That is one reason I do not shop at either one of those.

Many I have never heard of here in NYC although this was apparently a story on NBC New York. I recognize the California ones from my childhood, like Albertson’s and Lucky’s and Ralph’s. Fairway we have obviously, and Whole Foods and Target and Trader Joes. There is ONE Walmart in East Harlem, I’ve never been. But where are Key Food, C-Town, Trade Fair, Met Food, D’Agostino’s, Gristedes’s, Food Emporium, Morton Williams?


Good to see MY HEB high on the list. I’ve got a prime rib eye, very medium rare penciled in for Tuesday lunch at 9.97 a pound.

I call b.s…
I’m guessing that it’s not a coincidence that the highest ranked names have the largest number of stores across the largest number of states.

Because there’s no way that filthy, picked-over and bankrupt Winn Dixie and small format Aldi outrank Publix. The product offering at Woodmans is great, but their stores look like they were last updated in the 60s.

I shop at Aldi, but it will never be a.Publix.

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I think it is biased. If you have never shop at or even heard of a store, then you will not able to poll it. So the rating has to be seen through this lens. No matter how good a a supermarket chain is, if it is too small, it won’t get a rating. Unfortunately, there is no good way to do this survey.

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I think some of you guys may be overthinking this a bit.

Of course it’s going to be subjective. No one could possibly be familiar enough with ALL of these chains to give a truly objective opinion. What’s more even within a chain, stores will vary greatly from one to the next.

BUT, Consumer Reports is pretty good about this kind of thing so I’m sure they established some protocols and criteria for giving a numerical grade to the attributes they thought important, like number of stores, average size of stores, cleanliness, etc.

It can’t possibly be perfect but let me say that if your local grocery is rated higher than HEB, count yourself fortunate, because HEB is a damned fine grocery store.

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I was at MY HEB on I-10 in Houston today scoring a prime ribeye at 10.97 which I just polished off. I agree if your local store is better than this one count yourself lucky.

The fresh Gulf shrimp, oysters, red snapper, and shellfish from around the country is incredible along with dry aged and prime steaks are the best.

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If you’ve ever been in a Winn Dixie or a Publix, you’d agree with my declaring it bs.