Constantly getting "logged out"?

Is there a way to have the site “remember me” or anything like that? It seems that every time I close a browser window I’ve been using to view the site, I get logged out. Which is a major PITA. (I’m using Firefox 41.0.2.)

Hmm. I am using Firefox too, but I don’t have this problem. It remembers me.

do you block cookies?

When you “close” the browser? Yes, that’s likely to happen, especially with HTTPS sites.

If you don’t like logging in, you can use a product like “Last-Pass”.

[quote=“hungryonion, post:3, topic:1554, full:true”]
do you block cookies?
[/quote]No, until a moment ago, I wasn’t even blocking third-party cookies. (I always had before, but I just noticed when I went into the settings to double-check the cookies settings, I saw that a recent-ish Firefox update had re-set that setting.)

Here’'s a related question: is it supposed to be optional? Should I be seeing a “remember me” check box or something when I do sign in?