[Congleton, Cheshire] Loft Cafe

This is the café at the Victoria Mill Antiques Centre, where we’d gone for a bit of a mooch round for a couple of decorative bits and pieces for the bathroom - came away with three pharmacy bottles and an eye bath (late 19th century or thereabouts). We were here late morning, before the lunch menu came out to play, so only breakfast and snacky things available. But worthy of mention is the selection of Staffordshire oatcakes. Congleton is only six miles north of the county border with Staffordshire so they still count as “local food”. A couple of thickish pancakes – say, twice the thickness of the usual dessert pancake – generously filled in my case with bacon and a tasty Cheddar. It’s folded over, sprinkled with more cheese and bunged under the grill for a little while, for the cheese to melt and the edges of the oatcakes to go a little crispy. Excellent version, IMO.

My companion in life was also well chuffed with a slice of an excellent moist carrot cake. Good coffee for both of us.

Lunch apparently brings a selection of sandwiches, soups, stews, meat pies and the like. One of their specials today was a whitebait and tartare sauce sandwich which is not something you’re going to come across in your local butty shop, that’s for sure. I did think of going for a walk round town and coming back for that.