Confucious was a Foodie (PBS in the US) - Import from Canada

Has anyone else caught this, or has been watching this locally on other channels? I just stumbled upon this (half an episode) tonight, and found it pretty interesting. Granted, tonight’s episode’s focus was Cantonese cuisine, and particularly its history in North America. It’s a Canadian show, so while it does reference a few of the big Chinese overseas enclaves in SF and NYC, they were also exploring rural Chinese restaurants in the prairies of Canada.

She also went to Richmond, BC where there is a ton of more classic/authentic and localized Cantonese dishes as well. I found the history of some of the familiar Chinese American cuisine (and found it amusing that it’s referred to that way in Canada too…) like ginger beef or fried chicken balls with the red, sweet gloppy sauce.

This episode is from season 1, and I saw that it’s now up to 3 seasons. If you’re familiar with this show, what do you think about it?

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This showed up on Create last night right after I read this thread!
A very cool show and I learned a lot just from one episode. Plus the lady isn’t a jerk when she’s in the kitchen.
Thanks for the tip.

I was just going to ask the same question. I’ve been watching the show and really feel like I’m learning a lot. It took me a while to warm up to the host but now I appreciate her low-key enthusiasm. Maybe it took her a while to warm up too…
Anyway, any thoughts on the series?