Confit de gesiers in Paris

My French-Canadian uncle is visiting with us in Paris for a few days, and he’d like to find canned confits de gesiers [gizzards] to bring home with him.

He tried Ducs de Gascogne, where he’d gone the last time he was in Paris, but no luck.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

The boutique of Pierre Oteiza

He has 2 Paris boutiques
at 18 Boulevard Saint Michel in the Latin Quarter
at 13 rue Vignon in the 8th


They’re literally all over the place, in every épicerie fine, at La Grande Epicerie, at the larger Monoprix (Saint-Augustin, Montparnasse, rue de Rennes), at the Galeries Gourmandes in the basement of the Palais des Congrès; and at the Comptoir de la Gastronomie on rue Montmartre. They will be canned or sous-vide in plastic pouches, in their own fat.

Just make sure you’re getting “gésiers de canard confits”, i.e. duck’s gizzards, not “gésiers de volaille confits” which will be turkey gizzards, much less interesting.

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Thanks much to both @Carmenere and @Maribel.

We went first to Monprix Rennes (where I was looking for an excuse to go). They did not have confits de gésiers. [My uncle did buy several other things there, and I bought a Sauterne for our last evening or two. :grinning:)

We next went to La Grand Epicierie, where we were already planning to go regardless. They did indeed have confits de gésiers canard, but only in jars, not canned (we confirmed this with someone who worked there). My uncle was thrilled with the visit, and bought a few things there as well.

We then went to Pierre Oteiza in the 5th, and they indeed had canned gésier de canard, but in pork fat rather than confit in duck fat. Still, my uncle was very happy, and bought 3 large cans to bring back to Canada.