Concord [SFBA]: LiMA will close 3/15

A friend alerted us that LiMA would close in March. Spouse and I love LiMA so we quickly drove out to have a last lunch. It is in Todos Santos Plaza, not far from the Fry’s/Concord.

Ceviche Mixto: Perfect as always. Owner/Chef John Marquez’s marinade is flawlessly balanced. Spouse loves ceviches and crudos; he considers LiMA to be one of the very best for ceviche.

Anticuchos: Beef Heart and Octopus. Loved the beef heart with huacatay sauce. Octopus was just average, though - no olive aioli, it was something spicy with mint - not black mint, but a mint salsa criolla. Didn’t care much for that sauce.

Tallarin Verde con bistec: rib eye, served with basil pesto spaghetti noodles, parmesan cheese and potatoes with huancaina sauce. Thin but tasty steak, served medium rare as requested. Pesto noodles a little salty but great fresh basil flavor. I stole the potatoes with huancaina as I love them, LOL.

Adobo de Chancho - Pork Adobo: Slow simmered pork shoulder in aji panca, Peruvian rice, canary beans, served with salsa. Luscious gravy and those beans were frabjous, as Lewis Carroll would say. I love stews and braises, and this was yummy.

Empanadas: chicken and beef. The chicken with huancaina was good, but it’s the beef with rocoto aioli that is our fav here. This is shredded stewed beef, rich with spice and heat. Of the many empanadas around, LiMA’s beef empanada is the one we prefer.

Arroz con Mariscos: This was take-out and fed my spouse for two complete dinners. Not only a generous portion but full of seafood in just about every bite.

Chocolate Ganache tart. Quite rich - think a ganache truffle but in a pastry crust.

Coconut Pineapple Bread Pudding. My spouse called this our Gold Standard of bread puddings. Like everything Marquez makes, it’s just so well balanced. Not too sweet, well soaked bread but firmly weighted after baking so the texture is just right.

Chef John’s parents were working the front. I talked to his mother and she said John is planning to open an upscale restaurant (WOOHOO!), hopefully in the EBay. His previous restaurant, Artisan Bistro/Lafayette, was one of our favorites.

LiMA will close March 15, 2020. Sultan’s Kebab will be the new tenant.