Concerto Bakery

I have to begin by apologizing, but I wolfed down the very thing I come here to yell and scream about. So with that out of the way, let’s begin.

You like black sesame?

Then get yourself to Concerto Bakery, which makes this black sesame bread that’s filled with (what else?) black sesame, cream and white bean paste, which gives this textural sensation of biting into a concoction not unlike what mochi would feel like if it was mixed the dark chocolate ganache.

This thing is just fabulous.

Why would anyone ever opt for a donut, a cream puff, or any other carb-loaded dessert, when you could get one of these.

3500 W 6th St. (right outside of H Mart)
Los Angeles

Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 4.10.27 PM


Woo hoo! Thanks @ipsedixit . :slight_smile: This sounds amazing, and uh oh, paging @paranoidgarliclover . :slight_smile:

Anything else worth getting at Concerto (or things to avoid)? Thanks.


I’m a black sesame fiend. Looks very good and on my radar for the next trip to K-town.


Sorry, dunno.

We just swung by while shopping at H Mart, and this lady in front of us was buying like a dozen of these black sesame breads so we did our best impression of a foodie lemming …