“Composting is beautiful”

Direct quote from my 5-year old spring onion.

We don’t compost ourselves but our town in MA offers free “vegan” composting dumpsters (no animal or dairy products allowed). Our compost pile always looks so vibrant and beautiful. And going to a good cause - more plants/veggies!image


Teach your children well!


That is indeed pretty compost. You have good looking garbage. Even without the actual trash and meat/seafood byproducts, my veggie scraps pile can be pretty frightening. I just threw out 2 pears that went bad (like black spots bad), and about half of a remaining pack of celery that went oozy :pleading_face:. I really don’t try to leave my food in there that long, but this thing got buried under a bag of carrots and a few types of herbs and greens. Oops…


My parents have always composted and I have too since moving out of a tiny apartment. We have a 2 zone system that works well for us. I’m always encouraging people to start. It is so easy!

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold