Common Craft [Burlington MA]; mex [Kendall Sq, Cambridge MA]

Saturday late lunch/snacks at Common Craft after the Ohio State game was well in hand. Even though we live within 10 minutes of the mall, we’re never there. The mall has kinda exploded in terms of additional development, including Common Craft. It was very crowded on yet another warm unseasonably November day. Lots of seating inside and some outside. There was a “farmers market” going on outside but mostly a producers market (I refrained from even looking as I’m busting out at the seams with my LexFarm purchases). I got the “Whole Shebang” red blend (very dry and just ok) and the Dragon white (crisp and better). Bartender was spot-on with her descriptions. We sat in the Idle Hands section - B got a couple of good beers. We ordered the big pretzel which was good but pricey at $13, and B got Parmesan fries and grilled chicken sandwich (Spring Onion and I had eaten lunch at home). There was skee-ball, Tapper, and shuffle board, and biking at “Bikeville,” a cute bike safety area with lanes and stop signs just off the parking lot that Spring Onion enjoys, which made for a pleasant afternoon.

Another visit to the MIT Museum with friends. We broke up the museum visit with lunch at mex. It’s tough focusing on food with 4 squirming kids plus a 14-month old. My curmudgeonly side would’ve asked to bring the music volume down a notch. But the food was uniformly good. Not pictured: Chilaquiles, carnitas bowl, quesadilla (kid and adult versions) for our friends. For us, pollo asada and carnitas tacos for B, mushroom/veg tacos for me, quesadillas for Spring Onion and he enjoyed some of the pollo.

ETA: Really good nacho chips ( our friends ordered the nachos with queso) and corn tortillas for the tacos.


By the way, I was surprised to see that Area Four is only open M-F until 6 pm (some of the kids wanted pizza).

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I also forgot to mention that post-Common Craft visit, we decided to cruise the mall a bit. Does anyone else feel bad for the third floor shops? I always do. And when I saw a Korean food/snack shop up there, I had to investigate. I bought (and spent) way more than I should have and I didn’t care one iota. The kid who checked me out told me it was his parents’ store. Just looking at him reminded me of a younger self in some ways. I guess that’s the way things go for kids of immigrants - we have similar stories. He would probably roll his eyes and call me an “ahjima” (an older Korean woman). One day, he’ll get it.


Have you read “Crying in H-Mart”? Made me think of you.


I’m a Japanese Breakfast fan so I bought it long ago and I still haven’t started it. I think I took it on a trip to Iceland and didn’t even crack it open.



Loved Crying… not perfect but well-written and moving


Crying in H Mart was really good, but awfully sad. :cry:


We had another good meal at mex this past Sunday, before seeing “Life of Pi” at the ART (which Spring Onion really enjoyed). We were able to catch the last minutes of regulation of the World Cup final, and then all of the overtime. They were only two other parties besides us, and the entire staff and other parties were riveted by the match. They had the volume turned way up and it was so fun to be there with them. We made sure to place our order after regulation, so that there was a break in the match. We started with the excellent chips. (We told the server we wish they would sell these.) I got the sushi taco with spicy salmon, which was a little odd and awkward to eat (deep fried nori sheet) and more of an appetizer. I would not order this again. SO loved his pollo asada taco and B’s burrito (I think with chicken) plate was huge and delicious. Tasty house margarita. Warm and friendly service as we’ve had our last two visits.




We were running short on time - we had been planning to do a drive-by at Mary Chung but we just barely made the 2 pm show. We walked around Harvard Square afterwards, and I was saddened by all the slick shops. Progress.


Another chill Sunday lunch at mex today, before popping over the river to see the Boston Pops’ Star Wars performance at Symphony Hall.

Chips were as good as always and the guacamole was nicely lime-y, just as we prefer it. Spring Onion had cheese quesadilla, B had pollo asada tacos, and we shared a big bowl (“La Comida del Jefe”) of beans, rice, avocado cream, pico de gallo, roasted veggies and jalapeños. It was ok, basically burrito filling served up in a bowl and the portion was too large so it started to feel like a slog about mid-way (even after I gave half to B). I probably wouldn’t order this again. Great service as always and the place was very quiet at noon on a rainy-ish Sunday. Area Four next door looked quiet-ish at noon.





Also stopped by Social Wines which I haven’t visited since my Central Sq. days and stocked up on some fun wines for the week. :blush: