burger in astoria?

so…comfortland…in the old space of and run by the same people as queens comfort…i’m ashamed to say that i’ve only visited this place a few times…and although i’m very excited to explore the menu, i’ve not been able to break away from the $8 cheeseburger…it’s a big mac variant - but a most excellent one…a wonderfully thick and delicious beef patty on a toasted, house-baked , soft and sweet brioche bun topped with cheese, shredded romaine, pickles and special sauce…so simple, so inspiring…i’ve been trying to recreate it, to varying degrees of success, but never really approaching the original’s delightfulness…i’m going to have to make do with my homemade recreations of the cheeseburger for a while, though, as i simply must try some of their other offerings…if anyone has any comfortland recs (or astoria best burger recs!), please feel free to share