Column: In defense of street food vendors and the right to honest, hard work

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Here’s a non-paywalled link to the same column:


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Good article that strikes home here because Ashland (tourist town) has prevented pods and street parking of trucks in hopes that people will frequent the brick and mortar places.
The public sentiment is let everyone in.
We need cheap eats, especially since the pandemic.


Off the top of my uninformed head I believe street vendors ought to be regulated via licensing/permits and face some zoning restrictions.

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In NYC they are
from the site

If you will sell food from a permitted pushcart or truck year-round you must have a Full-Term Mobile Food Vending License. All license applicants must attend and pass a Mobile Food Vendor Food Protection Course before they are issued a license. The license is required before applying for the permit.


The license fee is $50. United States veterans are exempt from the fee.

The combined fee for the license renewal and tax clearance is $60. United States veterans are exempt from the license fee but must pay $10 for the tax clearance.

The cost of the course is $53. Applicants apply for the license and register for the class at the same time.

Currently, only in-person applications and registrations are available.

Expiration Date

The license expires every 2 years on staggered dates.

I don’t know how stringent the enforcement is these days.

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Depends on the neighborhood.

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