Columbus, Lansing, Indianapolis

We have a tentative plan to depart DC on a trip that will involve these 3 cities. Recommendations? Any type food, but I do prefer regional places.

Well, we’re back. We found a great hotel – the Element in Detroit (also a great art museum), a not-bad-at-all barbecue place in - Lansing Meat BBQ, and in Indianapolis, Ann excellent deli – Shapiro’s – and a lovely hotel (the meridien) with a very good in-house restaurant, Spoke and Steel. All are reviewed on my eponymous blog

Too late for you - but as a Central Ohio native who is re-learning the place, I dont think “regional” food has much meaning in today’s Columbus. I hope someone comes on here and disputes this and points to some good examples of same!

However there is an enormous diversity of interesting food to explore from many lands. I m particularly enjoying checking out the many Indian cuisine spots on the NW side - there is a Dosa Corner, a creditable homey Dosa place near Henderson Road, Awadh at Bethel and Sawmill for sit down North Indian, and NeeHee’s nearby for a great variety of snack dishes. There is a large cluster of restaurants and shops catering to the large Japanese community, others for the Somali community and so forth.

There is a dining out culture and plenty of places to go our for a good meal, including local chains like Cameron Mitchell, but aside from the use of products from local farms and walleye from the lakes, a distinct local cuisine is not really presented.


You often do have to hunt for regional food – Road Food (a la the Sterns)-- these days. We ended up having dinner with college friends at Wine Bistro in Upper Arlington, which was good, and lunch downtown at a small place on S High across from the Commons that had too-loud music but surprisingly good food. I’ll be back in Ohio for a Denison reunion this Spring, but I don’t expect to get into Columbus.