Colts Neck Pub (formerly Green Meadow…..NJ)

I hate doing this but honestly if it wasn’t as bad as it is, I normally wouldn’t. I get no joy in giving a negative review, but sometimes you just have to tell the truth.

The rehab of the place is VERY bar centric, that’s where we ate. The bar is large and “nice” but the dining are truly looks like an afterthought. There is 0 wow factor when you enter it’s just “ok big bar”, plenty of TV’s adorned the walls.

The menu is straight bar grub - wings - salads - sandwiches-pizza- 3 entrees Prime Rib - Pork Chop - Salmon. Everything else is sandwiches or wraps etc.

I decided to jump in head first by trying the appetizer sampler platter. Consisted of: Wings - Jalapeño poppers- Mozzarella Sticks-chicken tenders. (All frozen/Sysco grade)

Next I tried the buffalo blue burger with fries, ordered medium.
Good news: fries were good, bad news (I think the pic speaks for itself) Well done - scantily thin bacon (like McDonald’s) - barely blue cheese- with lettuce- tomato-onion all raw. There was -0- originality, woefully overcooked and just miserable. I could do better with a frozen bubba burger at home.

Very nice employees, but I wouldn’t go back, even if you paid!

I wish them luck but it’s not for me.


WOOF. That app sampler plate is SAD!
The fries do look good though…

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Wife and I stopped in last Friday. Had a singer/guitarist on the mike who was entertaining. Yes, very basic bar food fare. That said, I had a very serviceable chicken cheese steak wrap with good, crispy fries. Wife had some type of loaded nachos that was very average. They had Chilltown Crusher on tap (902 Brewing in Jersey City) which was pretty good. Not rushing back, but not ruling out a return visit.

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FYI two weeks ago we went to Charlie’s in Long Branch. Great two guy’s strumming and singing and waaaaaay better food. Now that I no longer drink, I get cranky if the food sucks. lol