Colts Neck General Store - Colts Neck NJ

When I did a search to see if the Colts Neck General Store I only found one thread where I mentioned their pork roll egg and cheese as well as their hash browns. (see the pork roll egg and cheese thread and my Nov 19 post. Lol)

Well at least I’m consistent!!! They also have some good cheese steaks and other burgers and sandwiches. I like supporting the mom and pop places especially during these times. If your in the area stop in, they have a variety of canned/jarred products as well.


I used to pass by this spot on my way to the office, obviously that’s not a thing anymore. But whenever that is again or on the area I am def gonna try a prec. I’ve heard from multiple people that it’s good. Always good to hit up the mom and pops these days esp


There was a story in the Asbury Park Press a few years back about the owner … a Brookdale student who I think worked there and then bought the place. Good business to support!


They received some additional press earlier in the pandemic in an effort to support local business. It worked as they had fallen off my radar but that got me to go back, and back…

It’s now my backup go-to bagel place especially when my #1, Bagel Masters, often has an hour+ wait.

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I have noticed this place on my way to Delicious Orchards. Will try to make a stop one of these days, but I still feel very much out of my element in Colts Neck.

After a few nudges from a friend, I tried this place recently and was glad I did. Had the aforementioned pork roll, egg, and cheese and a plain cheesesteak with fries. Everything was really good. I will be back soon.


have the waits really been getting that long @ Bagel Masters? That’s nuts…I do love the new online ordering though…that’s my baseline for PREC, so I hope the General Store is in same league, I look forward to comparing , it does look like a hearty sandwich in your pic though.

Yes Bagel Masters can easily be an hour on Sunday mornings. lol It has forced me to seek back up places for a good breakfast and right Colts Neck General Store is that backup. Their bagels (not cooked on premise) are decent for their breakfast sandwiches but obviously not the same level as Bagel Masters.

@ebchower not sure what exactly you feel is out of your element but I would say you would probably feel “fairly at home” at The Colts Neck General Store. It’s literally a cross walk of all walks of life. You have your millionaire “yuppies”, farmers, locals and some transients stopping on their way to or from some soccer field somewhere. They have a dozen tables and there can be a decent crowd of people hanging around enjoying their coffee and telling some stories etc. I really doubt you or anyone would feel out of place, there is nothing pretentious about it at all.


The old Perkins on 34 had some signed celebrity photos on the wall. Made me feel like I was in Beverly Hills East. lol.

Today was an hour + wait. {{sigh}} I also heard the rumor this is going to remain their business model post pandemic. {{ double sigh }}


Geez. We tend to order a bit later so that’s probably why I don’t see wait times like that. I’m assuming you’re orders are pre 930 am? We’ve been doing them as more of an early lunch as of late. Although we haven’t had any actual lunch items from them yet. I wonder if the sandwiches are good? I have seen people order them and they do carry boars head, so I assume they are good. I wonder how the tuna is. Would love another good place for tuna nearby besides just Jersey Mike’s (esp since the closest JM is not my favorite)

I’ve really liked the new system. I did see they posted on FB that they are doing away with phones and moving to online only, which I assume is a easier process
For them. My only concern would be online ordering stops a good 30 min earlier than phone orders did, so hopefully they iron that part out moving fed.

I tried to order lunch today at 11:30 online and was given an estimate of 60-70 minutes. Not gonna wait that long sorry


Today we ordered around 9:45 and were home shortly after 11am.

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Bit of an overcast non-beach kinda day here, good day to catch up on some projects around the house. This somehow translates to my wife; “I need to go peach picking at Eastmont Orchards”. The compromise peach picking for you, Colts Neck General Store for me!

Sausage egg and cheese on an everything bagel, side of particularly well made home fries.

(side note; my original request was Bagel Masters but they are 100% order online, no phone orders, and online said hour + 10 minutes wait/order time. Good for them if their business necessitates this, but this is literally the 3rd - 4th time their wait times have thwarted my order)



Nice! Funny re Bagelmasters their online order yesterday said 50 mins so I figured what the hell let me drive over there and just do a walk-in and there was absolutely nobody else in the store. This was about 12:30. I was out with 2 sandwiches in 5 minutes !


Interesting thanks for the tip!

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Also if you don’t utilize the grill you usually are ready much quicker than the app tells you.

Son took my ticket and brought the gf to the game today so I’m winging it. Sausage egg and cheese with some home fries (I prefer them a tad more well done), now a cigar and hopefully a big win for the G-men!

Wife’s chicken cheesesteak


Super cool outside TV area - enjoy!


Thank you! That was one of my “pandemic projects “.