Colorado -- Dwnve3er, Boulder, Vail, and Colorado Springs

We’ll be in Vail (via Boulder) for a week, and then we’ll travel around Colorado for a bit. Any recommendations?

Have you been to Colorado before?
Are you restricted to those 4 places?
Lots of Mexican that is different than Florida.
A mean green Chile stew.

I have been to Colorado before, and have spent much time in NM, green Chile central. Our plans are fluid, except for the stay in Vail and one night in Boulder, but we don’t have time to stray too far from the center of the state. Green chiles will be a focus, as will barbecue, with some lighter meals for my long suffering wife.

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Cool :sunglasses:
Growing up in Kansas, we went to Colorado a lot, but I grew to love the south/southwest parts more.

Though I’ve never been, this is a Roadfood favorite.

I’m going to try and remember the bar we ate Mexican food last time we drove through Denver.

There’s also Fat Tire and more in Ft. Collins.