Colony Grill, Stamford institution, opening in Port Chester


Colony Grill is opening its first New York location in Port Chester, probably around Memorial Day.

Founded in Stamford in 1935 Colony is famous for its thin hot oil pizza. Recently it has opened other satellites in SW Connecticut (Norwalk, Fairfield and Milford).
Stamford’s way of saying thanks for bringing Walter’s Hot Dogs to town.
NY, you’re in for a real treat. Sals may be good. Colony is great.

(Gwenn) #2

I’m looking forward to trying this acclaimed pizza!!


I’m sure the ny version will be just as good,but a trip to Stamford is still warranted.Nobody seems to mention the “decor” but all the walls are filled with period correct pictures of customers - mostly soldiers,fire,police (all old and real pics) and are worth looking at

(Gwenn) #4

Sounds great!


richb51 is right. the Stamford locale is a time capsule of an America when it was truly great.

btw, don’t let “Grill” mislead you. No hamburgers or other “grill” fare, It’s Pizza, and the only choices are the toppings and your drink. Speaking of which, there’s a great bar. The beer is cold, the pours are long, and the pizza comes piping hot.

(Lauren D) #6

Gwenn - it’s fantastic. It’s what they call a bar pie. So good - my favorite is the sausage and hot oil pie, and a close second is pepperoni and hot oil. I try to get to the Stamford location as much as I can. It’s a very unique taste - I crave it often!

(Biscy) #7

That is certainly news…Last I knew he was closing stores


This sounds awesome. Thanks for reporting!