Colonel Sanders is now a woman?

Has anyone seen the new commercial? This could go down in history with crystal pepsi and colored ketchup.

Sure. Colonel Sanders is now played by Reba McIntire. I have no problem with this.


He is played by a woman, but he is still a man (see the mustache)

I’m pretty sure we’re not allowed to use ANY of those terms anymore, or to even think in those terms.

Please turn yourself in to the nearest re-education center.

Thank you. :wink:


I don’t have a problem at all. I just think it isn’t a great marketing gimmick. Sure, people will talk about it like us, but in the end do they think this will increase brand awareness and ultimately bring more revenue? Apparently someone gave it the green light. I speak strictly from a revenue stand point. I market a business and if I don’t make money it doesn’t make sense, no matter how fun, original, shocking, cool, hip, etc.

I could eat a bucket of the original, ok just the skins and crust and feed the rest to the plague of grackles tormenting Houston.

I think it’s along the lines of “I am Spartacus.” We’re all the Colonel. And the two failures you mentioned were products, not campaigns, so it’s hard to say if they were marketing failures or just gross.

Crystal Pepsi was decent. The marketing campaign failed miserably but the product tasted ok. It did taste a little different. Imagine sprite that is black. It is just something people aren’t used.

Remember coke 2? Lol. Let’s take the most well known beverage in the history of the world and go change up the recipe :smile:

I’ve thought that the entire Colonel arc has been weird and creepy, but not sure I’d put it down with product failures.

They keep running with it, so it must be paying off.

We’re talking about KFC on a foodie board…

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I’ve got a couple of Italian Aunt’s that would take exception to your comment Sir.

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