Colline Emiliane [Rome, Centro Storico]

I went to Colline Emiliane for dinner on a recent (and first) visit to Rome. Colline Emiliane is in the historical center of Rome near the Trevi Fountain. As might be guessed from its name, it is a restaurant specializing in the cuisine of Emilia-Romagna, opened in 1931. I tried to walk in for lunch one day without a reservation, but they only had a late spot open so I made a reservation for that night instead.

Bread (2€) - ok bread, a little dry. I believe they get their bread from Bonci so I had higher hopes based on the excellent pizza I had from Pizzarium.

Started with the truffles with two eggs (22€). This was a simple, delicious dish. Two eggs, served sunny side up with oozing yolks (side note: the yolks in eggs in Europe are much more richly orange than the ones here in the US!), and covered with a generous shaving of white truffles. The simplicity of the dish really highlighted the aroma of the truffles. The egg yolk provided a nice fatty mouthfeel.


Next I had the tortellini alla zuccha (15€), which are tortellini filled with pureed pumpkin in a butter and sage sauce. This was delicious. Very nice texture in the handmade tortellini wrappers, and the pumpkin filling was a little sweet but not too much so. When I tried walking in for lunch there were some chefs preparing some tortellini that you could see through the front window of the restaurant. I wish that I had gotten a picture of that. These tortellini were covered in a light buttery sauce with a hint of sage. I sprinkled a bit of pecorino(?) cheese on it that was offered on the side.

For my main course I had the brasato di manzo (18€). This was also delicious! Very tender braised beef in a complex, comforting sauce that had a hint of orange(?) and raisin(?) in it. A little sweet and sour. It was served with sweet cippolini onions on the side, a nice counterpoint to the rich beef, as was the glass of red wine recommended to me that I forget the name of.

For dessert I had the zabaione (8€). A nice egg custard spiked with a bit of liquor (rum?). Very light and nice. The little cookies that were served with it were also nice and light and crispy and buttery.

All in all a very enjoyable delicious meal, and a nice break from all of the traditional Roman trattorias that I visited on this trip. I recommend making reservations.

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That truffle and egg dish looks especially sublime. White truffles, no less! Thank you for sharing this report.

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Fun to read, thanks!

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