Coke scientist quits after obesity study manipulation is revealed

“Rhona S. Applebaum, Coke’s chief science and health officer, helped orchestrate the establishment of a nonprofit group known as the Global Energy Balance Network. The group’s members were university scientists who encouraged the public to focus on exercise and worry less about how calories from food and beverages contribute to obesity.”

"Touchdown, Integrity!

“Annnddd that score brings us to the end of the Third here at Corpco Field, where Integrity still trails Greed by a score of 34-16.”

“We’ll be back to bring you all the excitement of the Fourth Quarter. Right after these words from our sponsors . . . .”


These folks are trying!

Here’s why:

It’s the same at the American Heart Assn, The American Diabetes Assn, (especially during the years with Cadbury Schweppes and General Mills at the top of their money supply, along with Abbott pharmaceuticas), and the rest.

The Times loves this story - as do I.

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