Coffee shop near the Royal York, Union Station or Sheraton Centre? [Toronto]

Apart from various surviving Starbucks, Hot Black on Queen just west of University, and the Lost Coffee coffee shop in the Chef’s Hall at 111 Richmond W, can anyone recommend a coffee shop with seats that would be somewhere between the Sheraton Centre and Union Station?


Thanks. I haven’t been in 3 or 4 years. I noticed Mofer (a local Ethiopian coffee shop that has 3 or 4 locations) now has a location on University near Richmond. Have not been yet.

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I like NEO too but it’s the opposite direction to Union Station from the Sheraton.

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There is the Neo on Bay Street near Wellesley, in addition to the one near George Brown College. I am guessing you mean the Bay St one that is north of the Sheraton and not the other Neo to that is also in the wrong direction that is east of the Sheraton :joy:

I am probably going to do coffee at the Library Bar.

I don’t tend to go east of Bay Street these days. :joy: I haven’t been been to Union Station in 6 months.

Speaking of Japanese coffee shops not far from the U of T Trinity campus, a new location of Nine Tails opened on Spadina recently, near Baldwin, in Chinatown. Nice spot. Baldwin also had the Little Pebbles Japanese bakery, which has things like black sesame lattes.

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Dineen is good. There’s also a Pilot and a Sam James in the PATH.

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I haven’t been to Dineen in 3 or 4 years.

I don’t visit the PATH much these days.

I don’t remember there being any seats near the Sam James in the PATH near St Andrew Station.

I know there are benches at Union Station on the main floor above the Pilot Coffee on the Concourse. I can’t remember if I have seen the Pilot in the PATH. I guess the Forno Cultura in the PATH is another option, again, with benches available in the PATH.

When I used to take VIA each week, I used to be a regular at the Pilot inside Union Station.

I think we will be heading to the Library Bar, for the seating. :slightly_smiling_face:


There might not be seating at the Sam James. There is seating at the Pilot in the PATH - it’s under First Canadian Place I think.

Have you been to the Nine Tails in Koreatown?

If so, have tried Hodo Kwaja, across the street from Nine Tails on Bloor St W? They make the best Hodo Kwaja and red bean Hotteok. If l lived close by, I would die of obesity.


I recall Mos Mos on harbor front that’s connected to the PATH it’s inside RBC Water Park place in the same area as Miku. I used to live across from them so recall us being busy though I found their beans as weak in flavor so not my choice of place. No seating if I remember (I rarely go to that area now and haven’t been in water Park in years) but there is nice seating in building and one can find a quiet zone.


I have tried both! :slight_smile:
Both are great.

Now try Bricolage next time you’re in town. Korean pastry chef who makes French - Japanese - Korean pastries . Open Thursday to Sunday, 981 College St West of Ossington.

Also try BaNoi’s take on the Butter Tart. (Vietnamese- Canadian) Bloor west of Christie Pits .

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We went to Reign Lounge for tea on the main floor of the Royal York. CO2 was 625 to 1220 the 75 minutes we were there, from 2:30 pm to 3:45 pm on a Thu. The piano was being played, if you’re looking for somewhere to meet downtown.


Please remind me to bring my stretchy pants next time I visit.

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Pilot in the Union Station concourse appears to be closed on Sundays.

There is a Balzac’s located near the UP Express in the Skywalk , accessible by the PATH, that is opened Sundays, with some benches nearby.

Mofer is located at 224 Wellington

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I’m looking for dinner in the same general area this Saturday…

Wondering if anyone has had good experiences at the Chef’s Hall lately.

I’m also considering Library Bar. Does anyone know how busy Library Bar in the Royal York tends to be on Saturdays around 5 pm?

I also thought of Bosk, which opens at 5 pm for dinner. Does anyone know how busy it is before theatre and opera? I would think it’s busy, like Little Anthony’s typically is.

Adding the brunch menu for reference.

Chotto Matte also crossed my mind.

I’m looking for somewhere that would be serving good food and be nearly empty on a Saturday around 5-7 pm, within a 10 minute walk of Queen and University. Thanks for any ideas.

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Haven’t been to Chef’s Hall since last year. We liked the tacos at Tecolote (we have been longtime fans of Elia Herrera from Los Colibris days), but they are pricey. Grateful Chicken is also pretty good. It is usually not too busy that early, but does pick up into the evening.

We went to Bosk a few years ago and felt it was fine, but unremarkable. It was pretty quiet, but I don’t know what it is like now that Momofuku is gone.

We haven’t been to the Library bar in ages.

We were at Lucie this past Saturday starting at 5:00 and we were the first ones in the restaurant. By the time we left, there were only about 5 tables filled (a bit worrisome for the restaurant’s longevity, but good for your purposes).

I would scan Open Table or Resy to see which places have tons of tables available. That might give you an idea of how busy they will be.

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Thanks, @DrJohn. All good ideas.

FoodPron/ jlunar, who used to post on eGullet and Chowhound, posted AloBar on York as a suggestion, on Reddit. It took over the old Drake 150 space. I am going to give it a try.


Let us know how it goes - I’ve been looking at Alobar for a pre-concert dinner but am a bit put off by the menu prices. $44 for a seafood pasta better include more than what the menu describes in the singular as “mussel” and “clam.”

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