Coffee from Yemen

Yemen coffee was covered on a recent CBS Sunday Morning piece. Held my curiosity as a mocha-java drinker and after locating a source in DC, placed an order.

Worth the wait and turns out was a huge boost for the man running Al Mokha.

Any fans of this special brew?


Have you tried it yet?

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Brewed the medium roast sampler this afternoon. So enjoyable. Moka Java, I have missed you. :coffee:

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I know these folks are based in London, but I was privileged to be able to participate in a Webinar and tasting of Yemeni coffees sourced by them. These coffees were some of the most amazing I’ve ever had. Qima seem to only offer green coffee, but maybe there are US companies who are roasting their beans.


The gentlemen I purchased the coffee from is based in Washington, DC. His communication with my wife was outstanding and very friendly. I will def be repurchasing…and reading up on this coffee.

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Another Yemen coffee source in CA

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From TX,

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I’m loaded up on Indian coffee at the moment (and loving it) but I’m saving this for the future!

Brands you recommend?

Oh. I can send you some to try when I get back. There’s a place here that grinds fresh - I get enough packets for the year and to share.

That said, larger indian stores will have reliable South Indian brands - coffee is ubiquitous in the south. It’s always with some chicory, FYI.

In terms of brewing - I’ve used an aeropress and italian stovetop espresso makers, but the South Indian drip setup is closest to the vietnamese ones.

I have a brewer and as you know shop Indian markets in NJ often. I just have never had a chicory/bean recommendation so I have avoided buying the beans. Your help there is welcome.

A readily accessible online/mail order chicory coffee is Community Coffee from Baton Rouge. It also sells pure roasted chicory for blending and brewing.

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If you have any interest at all in Yemeni coffee, check out this book:

Dave Eggers wrote part of it in real time. It is a bildungsroman as well as a short history of coffee. Please buy it from an independent bookstore if you can.

Thank you very much. I will look into the book. I have really enjoyed finding a reputable source for REAL mokha java! The sampler is outstanding. The owner so gracious and knowledgable. Apparently the tv coverage kept him very busy!

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